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  • Bai Xinglong Enterprise's culture

    Vision: committed to becoming the first brand of most creative packaging in China

    Mission: To inject vitality into customer products with creative design and product innovation which will lead the fashionable trend of packaging.

    Core values: To be creating values for yourself, values for the organization and values for customers, and to be contributing values to society

    General Principles of Business: Creating a Community of Values for Bai Xinglong Enterprise

    Business Theory: To win dignity with innovation

    Company culture: Care, Responsibility, Competition & Cooperation, Innovation, Economy

  • Bai Xinglong Enterprise's Management Theory

    Management Philosophy Change: Self-interest Altruism

    Business logic Change: Administrator Operator

    Management logic Change: working for Bai Xinglong working for yourself

  • Bai Xinglong Enterprise`s strategic weapons

    Creativity: Product Image Engineering Total Solution Provider

    Technology: New materials, New decorations, New anti-counterfeiting, New box type+ intelligent Automation